BEDIJ: Day 6

You thought I forgot didn’t you?

Day 6: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

I used to hate this question. It brought on anxiety, excuses, and zits. I so badly wanted to have a job in order to have an answer to the ever-present question, “What do you do?” I listened to the world’s lies that told me that if I didn’t have an answer to that question that was somehow related to an income, I was underachieving. I put ridiculous pressure on myself to have a viable answer for that big question. Eventually, I finally understood that God cares not if my answer equates to being on a payroll, He cares if I am following Him and seeking His will. If that’s within a job: awesome. If that’s within staying home, volunteering, and pouring into my husband: awesome.

So I love this question. I love that it pokes a little deeper, a little farther down than the job description.

What do I do?

I do worship.

I do time hanging out with my God.

I do serving my amazing husband.

I do early mornings.

I do to-do lists.

I do do-overs.

I do healthy eating.

But I also do cookie dough with abandon.

I do falling hard for friends, and sticking with them forever.

I do singing.

I do budgets.

I do words.

I do strong convictions.

I do compassion.

I do ridiculously goofy things. Often.

I do investing in young people’s hearts, brains and souls.

I do musicals and karaoke and impromptu dance parties.

I do clearance.

I do fitness and pushing my body to its limits.

I do education.

I do Target.

I do stick figure drawings.

I do hosting: any time, any occasion.

I do gardens, and flowers, and dirt.

I do sunshine.

I do weekend adventures.

I do truth telling.

I do sweat.

I do family time.

I do life.

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